Service & Support

So, the system is up and running.  Everything sounds great and the staff has a really good handle on things.  Then, a year or two goes by and a few things change:

  • the trained staff moves on or graduates
  • the scope of use increases
  • some of the equipment is in need of proper cleaning
  • some of the equipment is lost to damage or theft
  • new technology is desired

or our favorite:

  • “one of our parent helpers is in a band and they readjusted some things for us”

Whatever the case, we are available to keep your system in perfect working order.   We provide top notch service, maintenance and follow-up training.  We’re even available to assist with your larger or more important productions. Let us know how we can help.

The Pro Sound Associates home office is located in Guilderland, NY.  Travel is virtually unlimited as we have worked on projects and systems across the country.