Our expertise really shines when commissioning systems. The three basic components of sound system commissioning are Tuning, Testing and Training.


Insuring optimum performance from an installed sound system relies heavily on the programming of digital signal processors (DSP’s). The experts at Pro Sound Associates have extensive experience with dozens of makes, models and software platforms. We have received training and certifications on many different programs and are proficient on multiple systems from dozens of manufacturers including:

  • Allen&Heath
  • Ashly
  • Biamp
  • Bose
  • BSS
  • Cambridge Sound Management
  • Community
  • Crown
  • DBX
  • Denon & Marantz Professional
  • Digidesign
  • EAW
  • ElectroVoice
  • Mackie
  • MediaMatrix
  • Midas
  • QSC Audio
  • Rane
  • Renkus-Heinz
  • Roland
  • Sennheiser
  • Shure
  • Stentofon
  • Symetrix
  • TOA Electronics
  • Whirlwind
  • Yamaha


In addition to all of the latest digital technology in audio processing, we are also well versed and trained in acoustical analysis utilizing the industry standard SmaartLive and AudioTools software and calibrated interface for the iPhone.

Of course, the most valuable piece of gear in the Pro Sound Associates toolbox is our ears.


Even the best systems can be undermined by unskilled operators. At Pro Sound Associates, we strive to educate our customers and demonstrate the most effective techniques in succesful sound system operation. In addition to systems training, we have also provided formal instruction at several colleges, high schools and professional seminars.